The Maintenance Of Blood Pressure  

For the maintenance of blood pressure eat prefer whole grain varieties and minimize sugars.

Whole grains contain fiber and therefore have much less impact on our blood sugar levels. Refined foods have a high Glycemic Load (see Table Glycemic Load on page 291 of “Knowing (h) fair eten’-1).

This means that the foods that quickly raise blood sugar causing our pancreas / pancreatic quickly and much insulin must issue so that the blood sugar drops again.

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Such peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels have a negative effect on blood pressure (see also table "Natural Sweeteners ‘and their Glycemic Impact in’ Knowing (h) fair eten’-2).

Know that refined foods, this applies to refined sugars, flour and salt, most nutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements are extracted.

Our body needs these nutrients just desperately needed for energy production. Remember that your heart has to do a lot of work 24 hours a day and therefore a consumer of these nutrients.

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With a shortage of these nutrients occur easily disturbances in the cardiovascular system. The combination of glucose / fructose is unfortunately worse for our weight, our liver and our vessels.

Glucose / fructose are under a lot of names on the labels of foods: HFCS / high fructose corn syrup, fructose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, corn syrup, corn fructose, etc.


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