Causes Of High Blood Pressure  

Until recently it was assumed that the blood pressure falls during the night falls. These conclusions are based on measurements of the arm.

The study may have major implications for future treatments and drugs for high blood pressure.

For the study, the scientists were able to use the new device on the wrist for 24 hours studying blood pressure in the aortic root (near the heart).

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“Our study describes for the first time the natural variation in blood pressure on the day near the heart, "said Ken Burge.” The blood around the heart does not seem to decrease as the arm so strong while sleeping.“

Not the heart or kidneys cause high blood pressure, but the brains. Conclude that British scientists. The discovery could lead to new treatments to fight, experts predict high blood pressure.

The brain appears to be the cause of elevated blood pressure. The scientists have identified a protein (JAM-1) found to be causing an inflammatory process and thus the blood flow in the brains can block.

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As a result, there is less oxygen in the brain and creates the risk of paralysis. The body responds to this threat by increasing so as to lift the blockade and the impending shortage of oxygen in the blood.

A French study shows that the level of blood pressure in the elderly is related to the temperature outside. This happens especially in extreme temperatures and as the age increases.


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