Regular Measurement Of Blood Pressure  

For the 8801 study participants aged 65 and older were followed in three French cities. Their blood pressure was measured regularly and also the temperature of the day of the measurement was recorded.

The upper pressure was at outside temperatures of less than 7.9 degrees Celsius, 8.0 mmHg higher than 21.2 degrees Celsius.

As did 33.4 percent of participants in winter suffer from high blood pressure. But in the summer it was only 23.8 percent. For participants aged 80 and older, these differences were greatest.

Vitamin D - The scientists do not think that there is a direct link between temperature and blood pressure. They suspect it has to do with vitamin D that the body produces when exposed to sunlight.

Some Interesting News About Blood Pressure

With warmer temperatures, the elderly get out more and have enough vitamin D in their bodies.

Too little vitamin D was associated with high blood pressure. Lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure we set up some useful tips in a row.

Nuts and cholesterol - Nuts and peanuts reduce cholesterol levels, according to an analysis of ten scientific studies.

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According to the researchers, this beneficial effect occurs in people who eat nuts or peanuts least five days a week. Previously, we already found a positive result in a large study of more than 150 grams of nuts per week was associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

Do not overdo the nut consumption: they also provide a lot of calories, after all. Keep the reason for one to two hands per day.


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